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First week i moved in my car was broken ...
First week i moved in my car was broken into. Cameras everywhere but they said we were not allowed to review the tape. They said they dont record. Guess it didnt matter since it took a week to get that info. Carpets were half assed cleaned. I did them myself and have video of the coffee colored water being dump in my tub. There were no locks on my ground level windows. I had to screw them shut. Front door has excessive damage including caulking the split frame together then painting over it. Trash dumpsters are emptied at 3am while noise orderince start at 7am. Theres a patch above our newborns room on the roof that i had asked if it could be inspected by a professional. I was told by the manager shes not going to get a pro because she has prior roofing experience. I dont care shes not a pro. BED BUGs!!! We moved in and a few weeks in and i notice bites and bugs under mattress. My 8 month pregnant gf couldnt even sleep in the apt for 1 whole month. They offered to knock off $100 of rent for that 1 month. (Mind u i threw all belongings away. Clothes. Dressers. Couch.. 100 bucks didnt even cover my laundry bills) infestation was found in a neighboring unit but we were blamed. (Email to confirm) roaches every morning. Mildew smells in bedroom (leaky roof repair) laundry room leaks water into our storage lockers. Washer and dryers are loud and need service. Canopy that covers steps leading to laundry room is structurally compromised. And on top of all this they tried kicking me out in 24 hrs because i mentioned these problems to them in a voicemail that was very stern. (Not harassing like she thought) and she said she will never put me on the lease because she "knew (i)was going to be this type of person" (her words, Said in front of an officer) so now im being profiled and shut out because i want a safe home for my new first born son. Who is now 2 weeks old. This place makes me sick to my stomach knowing that there are people out there like this. Hopefully this is read by all the right people and i can get some help. I just want to be heard for my childs sake!! We also still live here till lease is up in feb. A whole year of ***** and we just started.