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i lived there for almost 2 years the lad...
i lived there for almost 2 years the lady at the front desk is extremely ignorant and very rude and extremely AGGRESSIVE. my apartment smelled like cat pee and sprey they had someone come out and clean the rugs and it did highly no justice my kids socks and feet were always black from the gross rugs and they told me it was no way the rugs smelled like cat urine when they even sent maintenance in and they agreed along with a nasty STRONG GROSS sewer smell thru out the kitchen bathroom and back bed room... i was late on my rent and it was the middle of a snow storm blizzard and received a eviction notice because i had no way to get to the office and was told i would be out before it would of came in the mail and had a 3 week old baby when i asked was it possible for someone to come pick it up i was told it wasn't there problem even tho they were there to give me a letter ... They are extremely unprofessional and inconsiderate people to say the least there was also high lead levels my son had to be treated for and also they kept all my money even tho the apartment was IN BETTER CONDITION AFTER I MOVED THEN WHEN I MOVED IN DUE TO MY UPGRADES I MADE TO MAKE MY HOME COMFORTABLE FOR ME AND MY 3 CHILDREN.... THEY KEPT MY SECURITY AND LAST MONTHS RENT .... I WOULD ABSOLUTELY NEVER RECOMMEND MOLIOR TO ANYBODY I GIVE 1 STAR
Please do not rent from these people, EV...
Please do not rent from these people, EVER!!! THESE PEOPLE DO NOT RESPECT THEIR TENENTS, they DONT FIX ANYTHING , and their attitudes sucks, especially the front office manager, her attitude stinks to high heaven s
These landlords sucks. They are scam art...
These landlords sucks. They are scam artists. I do not recommend renting from them. Ever