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Philadelphia , PA

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We were the first people to live in the ...
We were the first people to live in the apartment and when we moved in the place was already ***** and trashed so of course we left the place exactly how we found it. Of course he didnt like that and decided to keep all of our security deposits. He gave the girls next door a key to OUR APARTMENT w/o our consent to show off the apartment to other people. She would walk in whenever the ***** she wanted. He also gave one of his workers a key and NEVER told us so when I would walk around my house, I would randomly run into a man working in my bathroom. Whenever I had a complaint he NEVER responded but as soon as he had a problem with something, he made his point very clear. Appliances were old and barely worked so the fact that he couldnt even ATTEMPT to fix anything proved he was just doing this for extra money. Me and my roommates owned nothing to him, he was horrible at what he does and has horrible old apartment complexes.
Great landlord. Always prompt on fixing ...
Great landlord. Always prompt on fixing things and responding to any questions. Pretty nice guy too. The girls before us trashed the place right before we moved in so he took of our rent. He's really flexible and understanding.