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Absolute horror show. I've never dealt ...
Absolute horror show. I've never dealt with Louise Courtney directly. She's old and lives out of state. You just mail her a check every month. Her daughter and an ancient, bumbling property manager are the points of contact. Short list of what I've dealt with since moving in: -Promised renovations, which were supposed to have been completed months before move-in day, were still ongoing when I moved in, causing much chaos. The apartment was four days away from being truly ready. -They flat out lied about the state of renovations to get me to sign the lease. -Keys hadn't been made, so I had to coordinate with the property manager during the move for the first few hours before I personally grabbed the keys and drove down the street to make copies. (He was too busy standing around not doing anything to do it himself.) -Because renovations were ongoing, absolutely nothing had been cleaned. Floors, carpeting, radiators -- everything was filthy. -Certain promised improvements were forgotten about (painting a door, installing an extra piece of countertop). -One of the AC window units didn't work. It was replaced within a couple days. -The ceiling leaked. It was fixed within a couple days. -The stove didn't work. It took 6 weeks to fix. -The heat, I've discovered, doesn't work. It took four days and multiple complaints before they even sent anyone to look. They weren't able to fix on the spot, and think it'll be another 2 days before they get the right parts. Some nights have been in the 30s. -It took nearly a month to get internet access because nothing is wired correctly. I'm currently running cable in through a window, sealed with duct tape. -There's a persistent problem with mice in the building. At first, complaints led to promises of hiring an exterminator, but an exterminator was never hired. Again, they flat out lied about this. Subsequent complaints have been simply ignored. -Tenants can't use the deadbolt on the front door of the building, because not all tenants have keys to it. I'm used to putting up with this sort of garbage from landlords who don't charge much, but this place isn't even cheap. $1600 for a smallish two bedroom in Hawthorne is an okay price at best.
Do not rent from this woman. We asked he...
Do not rent from this woman. We asked her to fix our broken appliances and she told us we should be lucky we have a roof over our heads. She consistently threatens people and there is no way to leave without either losing your security deposit completely or her threatening to report you and put an eviction on your permanent record. She is honestly the worst person I have ever met.
Please do not rent or let anyone you kno...
Please do not rent or let anyone you know rent from this person. She is unfit to be a landlord and unfit to manage anything, really. She requires the equivalent of two months rent for a security deposit, and will not give that back. I gave 60 days notice in writing, a forwarding address, and cleaned the apartment top to bottom so that I could get my security deposit back.