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Without any explanation, our landlord Je...
Without any explanation, our landlord Jeffrey Han put a 30 day notice to vacate on our door and evicted us after calling us “model tenants” and giving us false hope that he would sell the house to us. We were always early on rent, left the house better than we found it, and with our neighbors as witnesses, we were respectful members of the community and caused no issues. During our time as his tenants, we lived several months with a broken A/C in the Vegas heat and also had no heat for weeks in the winter. He kept sending different vendors to get quotes for repair, but in the meantime, we never exercised our legal rights to withhold rent and send him an invoice for having to stay at a hotel in livable conditions. Our electricity bill was much higher than the average spend because of these broken units. We had to buy space heaters when it was cold and cranked the A/C during the hot summers, and because it was malfunctioning, it required much more energy, which reflected on our bill. He also tried to rent us his broken boat that ended up sinking. We had to rescue the boat out in extreme temperatures while trying to contact him to come take it back. This took all day. He ended up turning around and selling the broken boat to someone else! We wish we could’ve warned this person. He is now trying to hold a part of our security deposit for a list of reasons that had nothing to do with us - a satellite dish that was there when we moved in, landscaping (he removed a beautiful rose bush and tree, both that were there before we moved in), indoor pet carpet shampoo (our dog is fully trained and had zero accidents, plus the carpet was in worse condition when we moved in so we had it professionally cleaned and left it better than we found it), a lost key (also made up, we submitted all keys at move-out). Jeffrey Han’s own property management company even said that he was the worst client they’ve ever worked with and that they were considering firing him. We even had repairmen tell us that he is not a good person. He is now with a new property management called Anson’s. I’ve moved from city to city, homes to homes, and had many wonderful landlords who care about their tenants. This has been, by far, the worst experience I have ever had with a landlord. Jeff Han will try his hardest to avoid spending one penny to repair anything, he will try and withhold your deposit for fabricated reasons, and he will not care whatsoever about your livelihood as tenants. All we were to him were dollar signs $$, and he couldn’t care less if we were losing sleep in a house with a broken A/C in 110 degree temperatures, and he certainly showed no human kindness whatsoever when giving us hardly any notice to vacate after giving us the impression we were buying the home (he even signed a letter for the HOA to approve us buying a boat, weeks prior to kicking us out). He wouldn’t give us an explanation; he coldly kicked us out, just to put the house back up for rent shortly after for more money. Our advice to you - save yourself the stress. We lost many nights’ sleep and went through tremendous mental and emotional trauma from these experiences. Jeffrey Han should never be able to put anyone through this again, which is why this must be known throughout the renting community. Human decency and courtesy should absolutely be a requirement of all landlords and rental companies.