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Houston, TX

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Landlord tried to take every cent. $70 ...
Landlord tried to take every cent. $70 dollar fee for every time a repair person was called. Which we found out after getting mice that their interpretation was every time they visited. After one attempt to remedy the problem they came back to reinspect and just to have the place re-inspected it was claimed we owed them more money. They didn't even know if more repairs needed to be made. During Harvey the window in the upstairs unit leaked into our unit causing water damage to the ceiling. We notified her and she had the roof fixed the next week. No repair to the ceiling, I kept expecting them to come back and repair it a few weeks later it molded. After an emergency room visit a few days later we stayed in a hotel for a few days and the symptoms started to go away. That's when we figured out there was mold and it had turned toxic. After we warned her it was toxic she had in unprofessionally removed getting toxins all over our stuff. We had to move out, clean everything, and throw out anything porous.