Harith Wickerema

Philadelphia, PA

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We entered the house and it was not as c...
We entered the house and it was not as clean as you would expect after a cleaning company was supposed to come in. They did not do an adequate job of cleaning so we were required to do all of the legwork. Nothing was broken, but the apartment was a mess to walk into on the first day of moving. The turnaround on fixes/services was not quick and not always done as well as it should have. We did not have control of the heat as the bottom unit handled it. We were required to maintain the lawn and backyard, which became increasingly difficult as other tenants chose not to do their part. We needed to remove snow for our property. We did not receive recycle bins until a year after move in. If you want a cheap place to live near Drexel's campus, this is a good place. But, take the place as it is at face value and understand that it cannot get much better than it is on your first day.