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Orlando, FL

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These people are scam artist all they ca...
These people are scam artist all they care about is money. You will pay suburban prices for subpar housing in a dangerous neighborhood. Ive had 3 break ins the past year 2 involving a scam by eric spivey who left the advertistments up for my home and evidently rented it out to other people at the same time but he refused to respond or help in any way. The other break on was a drug addict many mornings i wake up and there's addicts in my yard bathing in my hose or messing around. Why? Because beach coast rentals owns most of these homes around here and its locked down by drug dealers. The homes are infested with roaches, palmetto bugs, termites and more. There was holes in the walls and broken pipes when i moved in. The rental agency fixes nothing all repairs are up to the tenant. Every time i turn around they are adding frivolous charges to my account when i can prove its their mistake not mine they just double down charge more rather than fix their mistake. Easily you can be suddenly charged as much as your rent payment for whatever they feel like charging you. You are not a tenant you aren't human you arent respected you are their personal bank account and when they feel like robbing you they will or you'll be homeless and they'll move the next sucker in. The lease is designed so they can charge you for whatever and theres nothing you can do about it. Dont let them find out you're on fixed income or disabled they will immediatly charge you more than you make so you'll be homeless and then they'll ruin your credit and take you to court for the entire years worth of rent even though you are now homeless because of them. These people ruin lives to fill their pockets that's their business rentals is a cover