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Dmitry Yukhananov

Philadelphia, PA

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I was enticed to rent with Dmitry with his low prices, but it is NOT WORTH IT. Firstly, he took about four months AFTER my roommates and myself sent him our security deposit to actually give us our lease to sign, even after we contacted him multiple times checking up on it's status. A day before we moved in at around 10pm he informed us that the apartment we initially signed the lease for was no longer available, so we had to switch to another apartment. I understand that he didn't want us to move into an apartment that wasn't ready, but he had months to prepare it and gave us the latest possible notice. Upon moving in, appliances were broken, and they weren't fixed until a week or so after our move in. We also had a huge problem with mice, even though we were all clean people, and he refused to do anything more than lay down traps. When we informed him that the traps weren't working, he told us that we clearly weren't doing enough and that we now had to put all of our food inside our fridge to prevent further mice. He would also text us that he would show up within a time frame and that we needed to be home last minute, and then either show up late or just blow us off completely. He's not a mean guy, and it was pleasant exchanges when we was at our apartment, but trying to get him to fix or do anything was such a hassle. It's not worth it if you are a student trying to find a cheap place to live.



Every time u asked him to fix something he threatened me that he will make me pay more on the water bill and If I refuse to pay he will evict me. He is the worst landlaord ever. It takes him years to fix things until you call license and inspection on him like I did. But my punishment was he returned $100 back from my $950 security deposit and I left the apartment spotless . Do not rent from this guy he is not honest




wouldn't address problems when they were brought to attention several times AND lied about being told about said issues, out house got broken into and he lied by a large margin about how much it would cost to put bars on the windows. mouse infestation and he always just said 'just set out traps' but they were clearly living in the walls and reproducing. Very belittling and disprespectful. issues that were easily fixable, just not fixed. heating issues and very poor insulation in the house. Clearly trying to scam us because we are young women and he thinks we are stupid. Cheap windows and doors. All in all terrible landlord.


The landlord is very respectfully and responds very fast to either phone calls emails. We never needed any repairs place fully renovated. Very reasonable with the amount of deposit the we received back compared to other places we rented.


Easily the worst landlord I've ever had. Dmitry primarily rents to students near Temple in hopes of scamming them with average rent prices in barely renovated crack dens. Repairs would take forever and his cheap contractors would never come when they were supposed to. He would constantly try to stop by whenever he wanted and never respected the 24 hour notice rule. Don't expect to get your security deposit back... normal wear and tear will result in hundreds of dollars of paint fees.


Unless your only other option is homelessness don't rent from this scumbag