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Landlord contacted us constantly before ...
Landlord contacted us constantly before our rent's due date asking if we could pay in advance due to his own monetary issues. When we had issues there would either be no response OR he would respond weeks or even months later. We lived in this apartment a full year and the refrigerator was never repaired after multiple promises that someone would come by. The association contacted us multiple times stating that if we did not pay them for our landlords debts we would be held liable and would be evicted (we paid). We never failed to pay and ALWAYS paid on or before the due date. It's been two months now and we have yet to receive our deposit back. Lease ended and we never heard anything from him directly. He has a "middle person" who continues to tell us that we "will get it soon". SO unprofessional and unfair, as we were always on time and kept the apartment MUCH nicer and cleaner than when we received it. Would not recommend this landlord to anyone.