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Bill Furia

Philadelphia, PA

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Bill Furia is the definition of a shady old time con man and cheapskate slumlord. He does the BARE MINIMUM to dress up an old property enough to appeal to prospective renters. When you move in and things start going wrong, he will then blame the tenant and instead of trying to make it right, he spends more time finding ways not to perform required repairs. If by chance he does agree to fix something, it will be done cheaply, by unlicensed workers (or himself), and if anything is replaced, it will be second-hand, not new. Don’t fall for this guy’s sales pitch when looking to rent a property. If you’re desperate enough to rent from him, be sure to take as many photos and videos as you possibly can of the unit prior to moving in. Because when you move out, he will surely try to take your security deposit for pre-existing imperfections.


Bill did not keep the security deposit, part of it was transferred to the new owners of the house. However, due to problems that were exacerbated by the owner of the property my water bill ballooned up to $1800. There was an opportunity to get it reduced but unfortunately there was no follow through on the part of the homeowner. I was told that I should pay it down and be happy that the owner of the house was not raising my rent. There have been constant problems on and off with rodents and apparently the only solution offered was to buy a cat. I brought in a professional exterminator and was not offered any portion of what I spent reimbursed which was fine, I have a Family to think of In our main bathroom there. Was a repair on the floor that needed to be done which was finally done after my daughter cut her foot. Bill is a decent person and I am going to go out on a limb and assume that he can only do as much as his clients are willing to do which in some cases is not a lot


As a landlord, Bill Furia is excellent. Very knowledgeable, always responsive and very helpful, fair but smart. As I work towards becoming a homeowner, Bill has become an invaluable resource and a true friend.


All good!


He is so cheap he just used a Kill Trap to catch a squirrel instead of actually fixing the holes in the house or doing trap and release. His buildings are in deplorable conditions and he does not update. Just cheap renovations to try and squeeze more rent out to unsuspecting people


Absolutely do not rent from Bill Furia Real Estate. Our house was in a constant state of disrepair, with a perpetually leaking roof, flood basement, shorted out wiring, holes in the bathroom floor, broken windows, rotted exterior woodwork, etc. The only maintenance that was ever performed at the property was in the week prior to our moving out. There was a literal torture room in the basement where previous tenants had robbed and then kidnapped someone.


Absolute worst rental experience EVER!!! After having his "handyman" fix our thermostat the first time we called, he unknowingly left us with no control over our heat at all...2 more visits from the handyman and the heat was finally working properly. We then get a bill in the mail for a whopping $300 and Bill Furia refused to take responsibility for the cause of this outrageous bill and was not willing to pay for any of the bill at all. 30 days after we had moved out of the apartment we still had not received our security deposit, nor did we receive any warning as to why we would not be receiving it at all. He told us that he had sent our (separate) checks in the mail but they BOTH apparently got lost and he wanted us to each pay a $25 check-cancellation fee for checks that we aren't even 100% sure were sent out in the first place. Ridiculous!!!! I would never ever recommend Furia Real Estate to anyone. He is nothing but a slumlord who could care less about any of his tenants.