Bill Clough

Sandy, UT

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The house is nice and has 3 rooms for re...
The house is nice and has 3 rooms for rent downtairs. The basement living room is also used to host people sometimes. It's a safe neighborhood. William Clough (Bill) seems like the nicested guy ever, who loves people and wants to help them. I think he even might be that guy sometimes, but he probably suffers from bipolarism. He gets very upset with people who live in the house for many reasons that have nothing to do with his role as a landlord. He is very possessive of the guys who live there and demonstrates he cares too much about them, which is weird and annoying. He will act like he's in a relationship with you and ask everything about your life. When he gets angry he'll scream at you. He has kicked a lot of people out of the house giving them a few hours to find somewhere else because he felt like these people were not being ok with being his buddies or more than that.