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Westbury, NY

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I generally have positive things to say ...
I generally have positive things to say about the Horizon condo building in Westbury, NY, and have actually found a new apartment within the building. But I want to warn others about my experience in dealing with one particular landlord, Azhar Supariwala. This building is a bit older and there are some issues, but the doormen are great and the neighbors are quiet and respectful. The biggest issue is that as a renter, you are renting from individual OWNERS, not the actual building. This means that you could have a situation such as mine, where you rent in a luxury building from someone who behaves like a slumlord. Throughout my time living in the unit, I experienced black mold in my HVAC units (making me and my children sick for months), which Mr. Supariwala originally refused to clean until I threatened legal action. I discovered a previous tenant's ***** hair and used dental tools while cleaning my bathroom, even though he claimed the unit was "thoroughly cleaned" prior to me moving in, and worse yet, he broke building quarantine and NY State Law by bringing people into the unit for tours without my permission, exposing my family- as well as residents of the building- to COVID-19. Absolutely, DO NOT RENT FROM AZHAR SUPARIWALA, especially if you are female. It got to the point where I had to start visibly copying my ex husband on emails to get him to take me seriously. I have owned two homes and I have been a professional with a Master's Degree for fifteen years and this is the worst treatment I have ever received in a business relationship. Azhar Supariwala may be a cardiologist, but he does not have a heart.