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Baltimore, MD

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summary: HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience DO...
summary: HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience DO NOT RENT FROM HER!!!!!!!!!! Nearly killed my roommate because of a gas leak from old pipes (her response was to complain about that we called about it after working hours), let me into our home after we explicitly said it wasn't ok, asked us to move out early to accommodate next tenant (gave no compensation on our rent), threated eviction w out proper notification of all the tenants in the apartment. not at all professional, extremely rude. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ for some reason this website is listing me saying the conditions of the apartment as 5 out of 5 i would NOT rate it more than a 2 at best (mice, bugs, unsafe). also listing me as recomending her i DO NOT RECOMEND _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Amanda regularly would allow men into our apartment to do work on things we didn't ask to be done, including after we explicitly told her we were not ok with someone being let into our home and that it would not be ok for them to come (we were woken up to men already in our apartment at 7 am riping up out flooring. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ arrived back from a trip to find our stove in the middle of our kitchen, the gas NOT turned off and all of the windows closed. Amanda complained we called that "most people work 9-5 and we need to respect her workday" it was 9 pm, BEG (gas company) said it was one of if not the worse gas leaks they'd ever seen in their whole career. Explicitly said it wasn't her fault because she wasn't the one to take the stove out it was the person she hired (even though the pipers were the issue) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Asked us to move out 2 weeks early to accommodate when the next people wanted to move in and gave us no financial compensation (still had paid a full month rent). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MICE EVERYWHERE _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ when we moved in there were open wires, stained walls, the utility closet on the balcony was FILLED with bird pood, and AC and heating didn't work. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ went months w out the washer-dryer we paid extra to have, it would flood the area when ran because it hadn't been hooked upright and was too old, took months for her to get us a new one and then she got one the wrong size and it wouldn't even fit in the house, went another month about before getting a new one. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ threatened us with eviction from a late rent payment when we were away, after minimal effort to contact us (first contact 2/3 of the roommates had regarding the issue was the threat of eviction) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Amanda's building is significantly worse than any other landlord's in the complex. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ overall extremely unprofessional (as in not at all) she regularly talked to us as if she was 15-year-old talking to her parents she can't stand. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience DO NOT RENT FROM HER!!!!!!!!!!