9330 Syndicate

Circle Pines, MN

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Stay FAR AWAY from this rental or anythi...
Stay FAR AWAY from this rental or anything on this street in syndicate ave circle pines, mn. These scumlords rent air bnb next door and allow loud parties to happen regularly. College kids will throw huge parties and trash the back yard. The guest will bring dogs that bark constantly. The whole block will be filled with cars, and sketchy people. The guest at the airbnb will ***** on your door, ask for a ride, help to fix their car, ask for other various things. They do not tell the guest that the next door people have nothing at all to do with the airbnb.The landlords will be there multiple times a week to service their airbnb. Also this place has a terrible mice and rat problem. Constantly having to set traps. NASTY. They will claim the place is clean, when you move in, then charge for things that were never clean. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR PEACE AND QUIET AND TO BE LEFT ALONE, STAY FAR AWAY FROM ANYTHING ON SYNDICATE AVE IN CIRCLE PINES MN. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.