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BEWARE This building is owned by a landlord by the name of Mark Meagher (Maher Development). This landlord has a long history of ripping people off. Much like my experience, Maher Development has a history of stealing. It is likely this property will be listed under ownership of Meagher, Maher, Development, but he's also begun to put work in other people's names, but he's not bright enough to fully commit to this. I'd assume he doesn't trust anyone because he believes everyone operates like he does. Anyway, here is the list of issues I had while renting from Mark Meagher. 1. Raised rent by 100 on day of signing (bait & switch) 2. Issues regularly took months to repair or were never repaired at all 3. Fire in home caused by oven over 60 years old due to no smoke alarms in building 4. Bathroom became inoperable on a Friday. Had to stay in a hotel until Meagher was willing to send a plumber on Monday because he didn't want to incur weekend rate charges 5. So many promises. Non-stop promises on repairs and improvements. To the point where it became a running joke in my home. 6. After we completed the terms of our lease and notified Meagher we would not be renewing, he became angry because he was worried about whether he'd be able to get new renters. We had to eject him from our home by threatening to call 911. 7. Soon after we notified Meagher we would not be renewing, he sent one of him friends dressed like a cop and carrying a sidearm to serve us with fake eviction papers. This was reported to police. There is an ongoing criminal investigation. 8. Non-stop harassment. Meagher harassed both me and my wife continuously even after we had moved, but also during much of the time we lived there. Ultimately, the biggest issue was our deposit. We were forced to go into litigation with Meagher. Coincidentally, the cost to clean and repair our home was the exact amount we had paid in deposit. Some items he is claiming we need to pay for are "wallpaper repair" even though there's no wallpaper in the unit. There's a lot more, but these are a few "high" points. For more information on Meagher and his company Maher Development, just give the company a review. You'll find he's not a fan of paying for things or services. This is a pattern with this landlord.