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1489 E Verde Cir, Sandy, UT, 84093

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As a renter, I paid the rent on time eve...
As a renter, I paid the rent on time every month, and even helped the landlord with home improvement. When I asked the landlord for a fire extinguisher and a radon control system (the levels were above the EPA action guidelines) the landlord said I was asking for too much. Later on, he tried to kick me and another tenant out the day after a minor disagreement over our plants having flies. It seems like the 5 star review was written by the landlord or his girlfriend. Too many issues to mention
Mitchell Kucy’s review is false. He was ...
Mitchell Kucy’s review is false. He was repeatedly asked to remove his plants from house as they caused gnats but he didn’t. Upon him moving out gnats weren’t an issue. All tenants got notified in advance a radon system would be installed by June and it did. Mitch’s deposit request he says below was inappropriate. It was mailed in time and included deductions. Mitch became more difficult so his lease was terminated. I live in the same house as Ryan and I know these facts to be true and accurate.
Ryan Scrivano is by far the worst landlo...
Ryan Scrivano is by far the worst landlord I have ever had. 1. He ended my & my roommates month-month lease immediately following a disagreement about houseplants of all things. 2. I asked about a radon control system because radon levels were above EPA safe guidelines. He did not fix the issue over the course of 6 months and responded with hostility to requests about it. 3. I specifically requested an electronic or in person delivery of my security deposit and he refused to spite me. & more